Whirlpower is a reputed manufacturer of hand tools for the construction, machinery and automotive industry. With 39 years experience in designing and producing quality finished products, the Whirlpower brand name is fast becoming a household name in numerous European, Asian and South American territories.
Discover Whirlpower's fantastic product spectrum that includes a comprehensive line of original tools for industrial, construction, machinery, automotive, HGV and mobile plant applications. Whirlpower is a manufacturer and distributor of superior hand tools that are designed, developed and made in Taiwan. The Whirlpower brand is widely distributed across Europe, Asia and South America and is synonymous with Taiwan tools that have been carefully developed for existing and new market needs. Whirlpower's branded products reflect a level of quality and expertise that its customers have come to depend on. Whirlpower is driven by the core principles of quality and value.
Whirlpower products meet international industry standards and fit all requirements of professional applications.

At Whirlpower, tools are more than tools – they are part of an experience.

In recent years, Whirlpower has been involved with various sponsorship activities. Today, Whirlpower is the proud sponsor of Caterham Taiwan Racing team leader and driver, Alan Parkes.

Fala Liu, Founder of Whirlpower Tools, enjoys a drifting session with Caterham Taiwan Team Leader, Alan Parkes.

Whirlpower attends Caterham's media drifting event, in preparation for the first Taiwan Caterham One Make series to be held in 2015.

Whirlpower, official automotive tool sponsor for Caterham Taiwan. Whirlpower, 'Built for Champions!'